A good understanding of SEO and digital marketing, and how to effectively implement various SEO techniques on a website
Experience with popular SEO tools, including keyword research tools, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, keyword tracking tools etc.
Experience with popular content management systems, including Wordpress, Magento etc.
Ability to learn quickly and play your part in a close-knit team
Basic HTML coding skills
Regular monitoring of website performance via Google Analytics and other industry-standard tools, and reporting on progress to clients and the team
Strategically implementing various tactics to achieve positive results for your clients in a variety of SEO areas, including; technical, content, link building, and website usability
The mapping of keywords to desired pages, and optimising these in order to enhance visibility in Google Search.
Experience with Analytics & tracking tools, SE rankings monitoring, Keyword research, site auditing techniques, on & off-page optimisation & Link building.
these are key skills