Designation – Technologist, Textiles

Division – Technical Services

Staff Type – Permanent





  • Work with Columbus RM Team, Merchants, Procurement, Garment Vendors, and RM Suppliers in the sourcing and development of brand-appropriate raw materials, trims and techniques.
  • Ensure compliance by our RM Vendors to the Enterprise regulatory standards of fabric performance and color control, including garments and components.
  • Assist the Senior Technologist in the technical development, pre-production and cataloguing of all fabric, trims, prints and colors through to bulk production and regular follow up.
  • Ensure that fabrics, trims, colors and garment components are being regularly assessed against the required quality standards as set out in the testing manual and ensure all vendors are aware of our most recent standards and testing protocol.
  • Provide technical support on issues of fabric, trims, color development and performance to the supplier base.
  • Maintain a technical education of the latest techniques and methods available to the textile industry and ensure this information is captured and communicated regularly with associates in CMH.
  • Responsible to maintain & update records such as:

              - Supplier certification (such as Oeko Tex)

              - Product Design copyrights (for lace) etc.

              - SharePoint/ RM reports & databases

  • Assist in submissions and communication of all departmental laboratory testing.
  • Assist in color approvals using Datacolor International’s Imagemaster/Colorite software for lab dips and first bulk with qualified fabric suppliers.
  • Evaluate all new mills for their ability to meet the business needs in quality of product, capacity, and cost. Visit and update existing mills for improvements and enhancements to their operation.
  • Be a positive, supportive partner, consistently demonstrating our shared values and high standards.



  • A technical education in Textile Science to degree level or equivalent.
  • At least 2 -3 years practical experience of fabric and color development, including production, fabric printing and garment washing
  • At least 2- 3 years practical experience of applying proven techniques of quality assurance within the textile industry.
  • Must have garment product development knowledge and good understanding of the Apparel business.
  • A team player able to work with cross functional teams