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Who are we?
We are Third Space Global, we are the sole providers of tutors to one of the largest online Maths tutoring companies in the UK, Third Space Learning. We focus on facilitating passionate educators (like you!) to #TeachTheWorld.

What do we do?
We provide a platform that empowers individuals to unlock their full potential by connecting dedicated tutors from Sri Lanka with underprivileged primary students in the UK for personalized one-on-one Mathematics interventions.
Online Maths tutoring<br /> Personalized one-on-one interventions<br /> STEM graduates<br /> Flexible teaching hours<br /> Competitive compensation<br /> Professional development for tutors<br /> Supportive community for educators<br /> Empathetic teaching approach<br /> Tech-equipped tutoring platform<br /> Accredited Global Tutoring Programme<br /> Remote teaching opportunities<br /> Maths education for underprivileged students<br /> Diverse network of tutors<br /> Performance incentives for tutors<br /> Continuous learning environment<br /> Remote teaching jobs<br /> English fluency requirement