WORK AT HOME for some of the biggest firms in Europe with Vebudo Reach. We are one of the largest remote working agencies based in the UK. If you are interested, visit our website link - and Apply today!

3D modeler 

WORK AT HOME for some of the biggest firms in Europe with Vebudo Reach. We are one of the largest remote working agencies in the world based in the UK. We provide talented, competent, professionally qualified virtual employees for some of the largest companies around Europe. At Vebudo we believe remote working is the new way of the future and one of the most successful methods of employment.

Companies around Europe are now shifting towards hiring remote employees in the IT industry. If you are skilled and enthusiastic about working remotely, this may be the best opportunity for you. We are looking for a 3D Modeler. As a 3D modeler, you will be responsible for creating virtual worlds and characters. You will be breathing life into sketches and concept art. You will be working in a team with lots of other talented artists, engineers, and programmers. You must be well versed in industry-standard 3D modeling programs and tools. Good spatial skills and a well-honed sense of color and design will help you succeed in this job. If you meet the listed requirements then send your CV our way. We look forward to working with you. 

Benefits you receive

  • Work from the comfort of your own home

  • Full-time and project-based employment

  • Highly attractive salary according to your talent

  • Adjustable working schedule

  • Exposure to working with international companies

  • New opportunities to learn and develop new skills 

  • Chance to work with world-renowned  brands

Qualification and requirements

  • Expert level knowledge of 3D design and animation tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, etc.

  • An eye for detail and good visualization skills

  • Ability to take feedback and make changes as required

  • Extensive knowledge of character design, rigging, skinning, etc.

  • Some familiarity with animation techniques

  • Good communication skills

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in 3D design and modeling

  • Technical diploma in 3D modeling or a degree in fine arts


  • Some scripting experience will be an added bonus


Duties and responsibilities 


  • Create and manage digital assets

  • Interpret concept art and sketches to create virtual characters, environment, and props

  • Follow design guidelines, asset naming conventions, and other technical constraints

  • Prototype and iterate on models and characters based on feedback from team members

  • Create textures and UV maps

  • Optimize, refine and correct model geometry

  • Rig models and characters for animation

  • Work with artists, animators, and programmers to execute projects on time

  • Keep abreast with the latest developments in 3D design, capture and modeling tools and technologies

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Applications Close: Sat, 3 Oct 2020