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Kalota Topical Inspirations
<p>* Knowledge of Commercial and Residential Interior Design: A strong understanding of both commercial and residential interior design concepts.<br/><br/>* Client Coordination: Ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with clients to <br/>understand their needs and preferences.<br/><br/>* Concept Development and Self-Project Coordination: Proficiency in developing creative design concepts and the capability to independently manage projects.<br/><br/>* Site Visits and Inspections: Willingness to conduct site visits and inspections to ensure design implementation aligns with plans.<br/><br/>* Interior Detailing and Ergonomics: A solid grasp of interior detailing and ergonomic <br/>principles to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.<br/><br/>* Software Proficiency: Proficiency in AutoCAD and 3Ds Max, and a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.<br/><br/></p>
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